Hi, I’m Court Allred, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I specialize in working with clients ages 11-23 with and without Autism or clients struggling with a crisis of faith or spiritual depression. I have extensive experience using a strength based approach to improve anxiety, depression, anger, low motivation, poor impulse control, poor time management, ambivalence/avoidance, low self esteem, loneliness, and contentious parent/child relationship dynamics. I am also very comfortable providing support to LGBTQ+ clients of all ages and their families.

Paige Whipps, LCSW

Greetings! I am Paige Whipps, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I specialize in working with women and families experiencing perinatal mental health concerns, including, but not limited to, Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and mood disorders, pregnancy stress, birth trauma, NICU babies, infertility struggles, pregnancy loss, and general stress related to the transition to parenthood.  I utilize a client-centered, solution-focused approach which treats every woman, couple and family with the individualized care and attention their unique situation requires.  I have extensive experience working with trauma survivors and am a trauma-informed and focused clinician.  I work with diverse populations, including men, women, couples, families and LGBTQ+ individuals, and offer a safe environment which takes a wide variety of backgrounds and cultural considerations into account.  Other generalized treatment specialties include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief and loss, Anxiety, Depression, couple’s counseling and parenting issues. 

Hey, my name is Alicia Lazenby. I am a Clinical Social Worker. I specialize in working with preteen, teens, young adults, couples and families. I work hard to take the time to create an authentic interactions and connections with my clients, in a person-centered manner. I excel at being present with individuals, listening to their challenges and successes. I validate clients, meeting them where they are at, while creating a motivation within individuals to reach for their identified goals. I have worked with a variety of clientele and keep an open mind towards all individuals and their situations. I strive to help clients gain acceptance for themselves, honoring their emotion and building confidence from within.