–Peaceful Solutions to better live life on life’s terms.

Hi, welcome to Peaceful Solutions Counseling. This started as a single practice by Court Allred, where he focused on people with Autism and their loved ones.  Eventually, there was a need to expand, and other therapists joined the team. You can read more on the therapists page.

Lets Find Peace Together

Therapy For Children Ages 8-13

I focus on helping the child identify and manage mood states, find effective coping skills, and develop skills to talk about feelings. I help parents identify strategies they can use to help their child manage anxiety, anger, and meltdowns. I have extensive experience helping parents navigate the IEP process, coordinate with schools and create behavior plans (though I am not an ABA therapist and I cannot provide ABA therapy)

Therapy For Teens 13-18

I focus on helping teens understand themselves and learn skills necessary to identify and manage mood states and navigate more and more complicated social situations while developing and improving their self esteem. I also work to improve parent/teen relationship dynamics.

Therapy For Adults 18-23

I focus on helping young adults move into independent adulthood. This current generation is taking longer to ‘leave the nest’ and many parents are struggling with knowing how to balance being supportive with pushing their young adult child into the workforce or higher education. This dynamic can cause tension that I can help reduce.

Therapy For Adults 23+

I focus on helping my clients develop self acceptance and self love, with experience several members of the LGTBQ+ community explore their gender identity and sexual orientation, providing a safe, sex positive space to find peace with themselves and their relationships. I also have extensive experience helping adults explore career changes, advocating for reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and resolving anxiety around the job seeking process.