Are you angry at God? Angry at people who believe in God? Experiencing a “faith crisis” or spiritual depression? Are you thinking of leaving a fundamentalist community? Did you have a difficult time on your LDS mission? Does your religion have a controversial past or current stances on polarizing issues you disagree with? Are you trying to balance being LGBTQ with your religious/spiritual beliefs? Have you gone down the “rabbit hole” of existential nihilism and can’t seem to climb back out? Is there pain between you and your family now that you have left the religion of your parents? Does it hurt that you are still single and surrounded by married couples your age, especially given your spiritual reasons for wanting to marry?

Because of his own unique religious background and spiritual journey, and countless conversations with others dealing with these issues, Court can help you find peace with these issues: whether the end result is a new faith, a new understanding of what God is, peace with agnosticism or atheism, new boundaries around your interactions with your family, or a radical acceptance of the direction your life can take.

Let’s find peace together